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Reaching into the future

Seers Digital

Seers Digital is an Australian digital solutions company and a capable local alternative to the large multinationals, also there’s more that unites us: we have a relentless desire to make an impact to society.

Most of us come from big firms, where our big dreams didn’t quite get fulfilled. We left because we saw a gap: a service gap in big firms, and a skill gap in smaller firms.

So we handpicked a team of the best people in our field, and vowed to ourselves we will truly serve our customers. That we’ll always be honest with them.

So here we are.. We might be the only place where you’ll see the Head of Operations’ phone rings and it’s a client calling to say how much they love the work.

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At Seers Digital, we believe change is a journey
That calls for everyone to be on board
And while we’re a technology company,
we believe that at the heart of change is People

So we're helping accelerate change
By building technologies for people

Making it easier for people to connect. Receive the right information and take the right actions, at the right time.

and ultimately
Technology that empowers each and every person so we can reach into the future, TOGETHER.

We're Seers Digital and we are reaching into the Future.... JOIN US

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We are always looking out for new talent. If you are interested in working with us, contact us.
Java Developer
OutSystems Developer
Sharepoint Developer
Software Engineers
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Client success

Electronic annotation and distribution of Case Files supports electronic court case file management

NSW Government
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Electronic annotation and distribution of Case Files supports electronic court case file management

NSW Government
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Nursing Application Development

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
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A customer payment portal streamlines accounts receivable by making it easier and more convenient for your customers to pay you. It saves you time and processing costs while you collect faster. It also helps make cash forecasting more accurate.

Customer Self-Service App - Payment Portal
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Construction information management technology enables tunnelling project to be built digitally and delivers project controls for Sydney Metro.

Construction information management technology
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Automation and digitisation of forms on-the-go leads to efficiency gains, better collaboration and information sharing for Goodman Group.

Automation and digitisation lead to efficiency gains
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Review of NPS Payments System POS and Interbank Transactions Scalable payment technology delivers 30,000 transactions per second from 200,000 POS and interbank locations at CBA.

Review of NPS Payments System POS and Interbank Transactions
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Modern workforce apps lead to automation and efficiency onboarding contractors and employees and overall HR performance improvements at UGL.

Workforce automation and HR performance management
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Global mergers and acquisitions app drives significant growth, collaboration and better investment decisions across Amcor

Global mergers and acquisitions app drives significant growth
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Multi-experience mobile app enables citizens of Randwick City Council to view and track local news, development applications and lifeguard reports in real time.

Mobile application development
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