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Engage and retain customers with high-quality mobile apps.

Your customers want to manage their products and subscriptions from anywhere, 24x7. That requires organizations to create mobile apps that enable customers to fulfill their requests quickly and seamlessly.

Top Tier mobile apps

With Seers Digital, you can create high-quality native mobile apps for Android and iOS up to 10 times faster than with traditional development, using a single codebase, and without compromising on security, quality, or scalability.

Customer Success Stories

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How Self-Service App Development Can Benefit Your Business?

These days, customers rely more on mobile devices to connect with the world around them, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets, and companies can serve these customers in new and innovative ways. As companies seek ways to help their customers self-serve, they are developing web and mobile apps that enable everything from pizza ordering to tracking deliveries, to monitoring sensitive financial and health information.

These days, customers prefer a quick response to their service requests. Self-service applications are used in multiple sectors, which means they may offer business opportunities. The development of customer-centric self-service apps for your business could enable you to keep the momentum of growth going in the future and be unaffected by this pandemic.

At your customers’ fingertips, anytime, anywhere

Create engaging mobile user experiences fast

Create high-quality mobile experiences quickly with a wide range of fully extensible pre-built user flows, screen templates and UX/UI components.

Build your apps once and deploy to any app store. Engage customers with device-native capabilities like FaceID, push notifications or camera and provide an optimal experience even when offline or in poor network conditions.

Build your apps once and deploy them to any app store. Engage customers with device-native capabilities like FaceID, push notifications, or camera and provide an optimal experience even when offline or in poor network conditions.

Streamline and automate processes for better mobile performance

Build robust and secure back-ends that streamline and automate customer processes or integrate your own.

Provide secure user authentication with pre-built connectors for identity management providers like Okta, Azure AD or Google SSO.

Notification frameworks, visual process modelling and out-of-the-box connectors to internal systems like CRM and ERP ensure your back-end supports the needs of your app’s frontend.

Keep pace with customer expectations.

Integrate with user analytics platforms and services to continuously collect user data and locate points of friction.

Respond to customer feedback, changing preferences and regulatory requirements by deploying changes instantly and safely with full lifecycle support and built-in dependency analysis.

Leverage emerging technologies like AI, ML and IoT and cloud capabilities to create innovative services and functionality with a platform that continually adds new capabilities and integrations to leading providers.

recent projects
Client success

Seers Digital work with Bac A Bank and TH Group to provide a new digital banking and fintech platform

Bac A Bank - Digital Banking
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Seers Digital work with Bac A Bank and TH Group to provide a new digital banking and fintech platform

Bac A Bank - Digital Banking
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Global Knowledge Management Solution and Intranet Replacement

view case study

DHA required rapid development and deployment of web portals in response to COVID-19 and the need to support agency in hundreds of remote locations.

Department of Home Affairs (DHA)
view case study

Sharepoint Knowledge Management Portal

Australian Tax Office (ATO)
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NSW State Government agency had identified a number of improvements to streamline organisation wide processes.

Sydney Trains
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Online Transcript Portal An application that allows the judiciary and registry staff in all jurisdictions to access case files electronically.

Online Transcript Portal
view case study

Electronic annotation and distribution of Case Files supports electronic court case file management

NSW Government
view case study

Nursing Application Development

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
view case study

A customer payment portal streamlines accounts receivable by making it easier and more convenient for your customers to pay you. It saves you time and processing costs while you collect faster. It also helps make cash forecasting more accurate.

Customer Self-Service App - Payment Portal
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Construction information management technology enables tunnelling project to be built digitally and delivers project controls for Sydney Metro.

Construction information management technology
view case study

Automation and digitisation of forms on-the-go leads to efficiency gains, better collaboration and information sharing for Goodman Group.

Automation and digitisation lead to efficiency gains
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Modern workforce apps lead to automation and efficiency onboarding contractors and employees and overall HR performance improvements at UGL.

Workforce automation and HR performance management
view case study

Global mergers and acquisitions app drives significant growth, collaboration and better investment decisions across Amcor

Global mergers and acquisitions app drives significant growth
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Multi-experience mobile app enables citizens of Randwick City Council to view and track local news, development applications and lifeguard reports in real time.

Mobile application development
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