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& Machine Learning

Leading organisations are investing in AI projects in order to remain competitive and relevant to consumers who are becoming increasingly demanding. Undoubtedly, there is a need for innovation and personalised products and services. Let us assist with your AI journey.

What is AI?

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept of machines showing cognitive abilities usually associated with intelligent beings. A concept that refers to the ability to reason, to learn, and to self-correct, a concept that is often translated through tasks requiring human participation, such as visual interpretation, language processing, decision-making, and predictive behavior.

Our AI offering

Machine Learning (ML). From supervised to unsupervised learning, our algorithms provide you with a comprehensive view of your data. Automate the process of learning, recognizing patterns and making recommendations and decisions with little to no involvement of a human. It becomes better at making decisions and predictions as it processes more data.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Many organisations strive to reduce the amount of time employees spend reviewing large volumes of documents. NLP technology is used to classify text from documents, resumes or emails as well as analyze voice recordings from call centers. Additionally, chat bots can be used to enhance staff and customer engagement.

Computer Vision

A growing number of organizations utilize computer vision technology for the purpose of accurately identifying and classifying objects in photographs and videos. Your employees will be able to perform more fulfilling and higher valued tasks if you let machines handle object detection and image classification.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is more than just looking back at past events. Our team of data scientists are available to assist you in unlocking the power of predictive analytics. The ability of your organisation to forecast demand and inventory is vital, along with the ability to prepare for potential anomalies or failures.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Data collected from sensors can be shared via the internet to provide you with real-time insights. When combined with big data analytics, IoT can help companies understand customer needs so that they can provide an appropriate product or service at the appropriate time and place.


With robots in the workplace, your organisation can increase its safety and productivity rates with greater speed. There is no longer a need for employees to perform labor-intensive or hazardous tasks that can adversely affect their physical and psychological health.

How can AI benefit you?

Investment in Your Efficiency & availability

Increase customer and employee satisfaction with AI solutions that continuously learn and get better at providing decision-making recommendations.

Analytical support

Leverage AI insights by letting machines crunch simple and complex data sets to uncover valuable patterns that might have been missed.

Accuracy & reliability

AI performs frequent, high volume, computerised tasks reliably and without fatigue, freeing up your employees’ time for higher value jobs.

Risk prevention

Improve your operational performance by detecting, predicting and mitigating risks. AI can also perform dangerous tasks on behalf of your employees.

recent projects
Client success

Electronic annotation and distribution of Case Files supports electronic court case file management

NSW Government
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Electronic annotation and distribution of Case Files supports electronic court case file management

NSW Government
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Nursing Application Development

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
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A customer payment portal streamlines accounts receivable by making it easier and more convenient for your customers to pay you. It saves you time and processing costs while you collect faster. It also helps make cash forecasting more accurate.

Customer Self-Service App - Payment Portal
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Construction information management technology enables tunnelling project to be built digitally and delivers project controls for Sydney Metro.

Construction information management technology
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Automation and digitisation of forms on-the-go leads to efficiency gains, better collaboration and information sharing for Goodman Group.

Automation and digitisation lead to efficiency gains
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Review of NPS Payments System POS and Interbank Transactions Scalable payment technology delivers 30,000 transactions per second from 200,000 POS and interbank locations at CBA.

Review of NPS Payments System POS and Interbank Transactions
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Modern workforce apps lead to automation and efficiency onboarding contractors and employees and overall HR performance improvements at UGL.

Workforce automation and HR performance management
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Global mergers and acquisitions app drives significant growth, collaboration and better investment decisions across Amcor

Global mergers and acquisitions app drives significant growth
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Multi-experience mobile app enables citizens of Randwick City Council to view and track local news, development applications and lifeguard reports in real time.

Mobile application development
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