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Case Studies
Case Studies


Overview & Client Needs

UGL sought advisory services and business analytics to re-platform and migrate a suite of legacy apps from multiple systems plus on-going software enhancement expertise.

Our Solution

Seers Digital provided business analysis and development for custom workflow apps and was involved in the intranet redesign with branding and backend components.These services were delivered on a range of platforms including Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, SAP, ServiceNow and Nintex.

Client Benefits & Outcome

Seers provided rapid application development and deployment using an agile methodology to achieve the following project outcomes:

> Automation of onboarding procedures for new employees and subcontractors.

> Departmental content ownership

> Ability to share and collaborate on documents.

> Effective and timely knowledge sharing with associated businesses

> Support for external businesses as part of joint ventures.

> Online purchasing of IT equipment and services with a charge back into SAP for managing expenses and approvals.

> Workplace management requests and HR resource allocation

We worked on the following transformation tasks:

• SharePoint mobility dashboards and SAP integration

. Development of SAP app for iPad

• SharePoint Intranet Redesign

• SharePoint Policies and Procedure Management

• Development of various branding and backend components.

• Recharge project for SharePoint and SAP systems for on-boarding of employees

• EIMS document management system for engineering business practice

• Migration of Rail Project Sites from SP2007 into SP2013.

• Refinement and restructure of SP2007 sites in SP2013 into a well-structured environment

• Development of workflow applications for information management of DMS / EIMS systems

• Creation of Employee HR database in SharePoint and import of records

• Ability for business departments to share and collaborate on documents.

• Departmental ownership of content management with very minimal platform support from IT.

• Effective and timely knowledge sharing with associated businesses and providing support for external businesses as part of joint ventures.

With UGL project, we have assisted to implement software robots processed 11,000 invoices more than per Account Payable Full Time Employee, 33% reduction in processing cost, 3.5% reduction in indirect spend and up to 3 times more in Productivity improvement.

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