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Case Studies
Sydney Metro
Case Studies

Sydney Metro

Overview & Client Needs

The Sydney Metro Project requires Construction Information Management platform for needs to read their tunnelling infrastructure project. Employees and subcontractors need to remotely access authorised safety, design, HR & quality inspection data.

Our Solution

Seers Digital enhanced Industry platform and developed workflow solutions for managing construction information for North West Rail Tunnel project.Mobile interfaces created for pre-start attendance, document review, safety inspections, defect inspections and verification of competency.

Seers Digital worked with the group to coordinate and deliver the ORIS platform across the partner organisations. The platform delivered the following benefits:

  • Cloud-based–24/7 system availability over internet​
  • Construction-centric software–easily customisable by/for project-delivery team ​
  • Process/workflow management across all departments (safety/design/HR/quality/ construction/community/etc) ​
  • Powerful data integration from different software platforms (GIS/BIM/ProjectWise/PPWeb/TPC/SDS) ​
  • Data-sharing to minimise duplicated effort and provide current information ​
  • Development of mobile-digital processes to capture construction data (staff onboarding/prestart attendance/document review/safety inspections/precast-segment manufacture/final defect inspections/competency management)(Attachment#1) ​
  • Availability of APIs and third-party plug-ins–provide additional functionality ​
  • Ability to make video/live-camera feeds readily available for monitoring/internal communications ​
  • Real-time status reporting and data-source for dashboards ​
  • External stakeholder access (Independent Certifier (IC)/Sydney Metro/subcontractors).

Client Benefits & Outcome

The solution enabled field staff to gain authorised access to project controls.Nintex workflow solutions enabled rapid deployment of forms and process automation to enhance productivityManaged approach for maintaining and upgrading infrastructure, multiple interfaces and third-party systems connectors with Seers Digital.

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