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Case Studies
Randwick City Council
Case Studies

Randwick City Council

Overview & Client Needs

A previously commissioned mobile app was available on iOS devices only. The app required enhancements for deployment to other platforms, changes from static to real time data sources, fixes to push notifications, integration with proprietary apps to retrieve data (i.e. Development Applications and council databases for news and updates) forms automation and synchronisation within internal workflow systems.

Initiative Randwick City Council had previously commissioned a mobile application. Whilst it had seen moderate success, a significant number of improvements and optimisation had been identified.

  • One of these being that the mobile application was initially able only to be installed on iOS devices.The improvements identified were:
  • To make the application to be compatible with more mobile devices
  • To change underlying static data sources to real time sources
  • Fixing the push notification
  • Introduce an Android version.
  • Refresh the look and feel in certain areas.
  • Integration with a number of proprietary applications to retrieve data (i.e. Development Applications, Access to council databases for news and updates, etc.).
  • Submission of forms to be captured and processed within the council’s internal workflow management systems.

Our Solution

The solution delivered an updated mobile app that was publicly available on Apple AppStore and Google Play and easily installed on iOS and Android devices across a wide range of Operating System versions.

The features of the enhanced app included:

  • Real time information shown in the app for Events, News, Waste, and Development Applications
  • Fully functional push notifications for Events, Development Applications and Waste.
  • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • A revamped and responsive look and feel
  • Track and comment on new Development Applications (DAs) near you
  • Notification when it’s bin night in your street
  • Hourly Lifeguard reports and photos from our friendly Lifeguards at Coogee, Clovelly and Maroubra Beaches
  • Find local news and events in your suburb
  • View interactive maps of your suburb showing parks, pools, libraries and community facilities
  • Find contact details for Council, your Ward Councillors and your local Precinct

Client Benefits & Outcome

The enhanced app delivered improved customer experience for mobile users: Real time information for Events, News, Waste and Development ApplicationsPush notifications for Events, Waste, DAs & able to track and comment on new DAsHourly Lifeguard reports and photos from Coogee, Clovelly and Maroubra BeachesFind news and events in your suburb and View interactive maps showing parks, pools, libraries and community facilitiesFind contact details for Council, your Ward Councillors and local Precinct.

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