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Case Studies
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Case Studies

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Client Overview & Needs

Previously, the client had a legacy system built on an older technology platform. So that nurses could effectively and efficiently manage their patients, they needed to migrate to a mobile application platform.

As nurses visited patients at their homes, in different hospitals and clinics, they needed a portable device to manage and access patient data, thus eliminating paper records.

In order for nurses to review patient data, they had to print out Excel spreadsheets, which caused inconsistency among other parties and waste time-consuming.

Solution & Outcome

Seers Digital created mobile solutions based on rapid application technology that allowed users to access and update patient data from a cloud-based platform while on the go.

In addition, online reporting was a requirement. Seers Digital designed a Power BI solution for the organisation to automate reporting. This reduced administration costs and enabled rapid analytical reporting.

  • IT migration legacy systems
  • Mobile Cloud Based Solution
  • Automation Reporting

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