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Online Transcript Portal
Case Studies

Online Transcript Portal


Recording and Transcription Services (RTS) is a highly valued essential service with a legislative requirement to provide a "record of the court". Approximately 35,000 transcript orders are prepared annually.

Seers Digital designed and implemented the NSW Online Registry website, via the Online Transcript Portal.

Traditionally transcripts have had to be ordered from the particular court, but the new service makes all NSW court transcripts and documents available via one single online portal.

The new platform will benefit lawyers, judges and citizens. and will save 1 millions a year in productivity

Over 250 entry points from over 14 different jurisdictions (e.g. Supreme Court, Environment Court, Local Court) were to be replaced with this system for ordering transcripts. It was to replace a paper-based form which consistently contained human errors and also had to be scanned and emailed across several departments and to a magistrate for approval.

Additionally, paper limitations include managing non-fee waivers and capturing non-disclosures contained as supplementary information in the form. The streamlined process also assisted in eliminating duplicate orders, which in turn allowed the RSB's internal staff to focus on other tasks of greater importance rather than having to oversee this system.

Customer OutCome

There was an extensive amount of work involved in providing integration with a number of the customer's LOB systems, security systems, and cloud services because it was the first project to utilise a low code platform like Outsystems.

In spite of the challenges of dealing with multiple jurisdictions, multiple locations with diverse requirements, a number of complex system integrations, and security checks the project was successfully delivered.

Our success was largely due to a supportive customer, agile technology, and Seers' agile methodology for delivery. Requirements were managed through a backlog, prioritising what could be achieved with realistic timelines and budgets, and negotiating with stakeholders to manage expectations.

For a successful rollout between internal customers in multiple jurisdictions, the project was delivered in incremental stages that were staggered, and finalisation was delivered to the public over a 12-month period.

Seers Digital provides support and enhancements as new requirements are requested as part of our support agreement.

The ‘click and collect’ service

Anyone involved in a court case will be able to:

  • Order a transcript;
  • View progress of a transcript request;
  • Access completed transcripts;
  • Make payments online; and
  • Receive notifications.

The transcript service was trialed by  court registry and support staff for the 18 months with about 20,000 transcript orders processed.

The streamlined Online Transcript Portal replaces myriad old processes where transcript applications were made by email, in person by pen and paper at court registries and even during proceedings.

Any party or legal representative in a case will be able to order a transcript, view the progress of a transcript request, access completed transcripts, make payments online and receive notifications via the online service.

Court users will reap the benefits of this innovative project that will modernise  services and improve efficiency. Equal access to justice is the department's priority, and requests by non-parties for transcripts can still be processed via email or over court registry counters for those who need them.

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