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Case Studies
Goodman Group
Case Studies

Goodman Group

Overview & Client Needs

Finance, HR, IT & Compliance teams needed to digitise manual paper based processes, electronically capture information in forms, manage approval processes from the office or working remotely, support improved decision making and provide visibility of process backlogs through enhanced reporting.

Our Solution

Seers Digital workflow solutions led to efficiency gains in repetitive processes including:

  • New Vendor Acquisition
  • On-Boarding & Off-Boarding
  • Credit and Write-Off Notes
  • Gift Disclosure & Donations

Client Benefits & Outcome

Seers Digital worked with Goodman to deploy workflow infrastructure and processes, with Smart Forms supporting mobile employees to process forms on-the-go and achieve the following project outcomes:Ability for business departments to share and collaborate on documentsDepartmental ownership of content management with very minimal platform support from ITEffective and timely knowledge sharing with associated businesses.

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  • Innovations in automation technology, including task-based workflows, semantic automation, and RPA-plus platform
  • Advances in automation adoption from CIOs to CSOs to HR.
  • Strategies for automation optimisation, with step-by-step processes, things to watch out for, and the goals you should be setting
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