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Case Studies
Electronic Court Case File Management
Case Studies

Electronic Court Case File Management

Overview & Client Needs

- Public security breaches, due to loss and misplacement of paper documents and case files
- Excessive use and wastage of paper for production of physical case files

- Logistics cost of moving case file to remote locations Document retrieval and tendering not available via a web application.

Our Solution

- Collaborative and human centric design approach
- Resolution of business problems through the process of rapid prototyping and agreed MVP approach for new feature development allowing for continuous user feedback and improvement
- Multi Experience Platform for ‘speed to market’ development Mulesoft integration to enable the DCF application to integrate with parent case management system
- Web based PDF viewing and editing
- Tender of exhibit and media files via the DCF application (including large files up to 100Gb).

Client Benefits & Outcome

- Web based application for look up and access of casefile information Ability to look up a Case Number and associated case file documentation Case Search
- User customisation of casefile search interface and search results detail Entitlements based casefile suppression rules
- Ability to view and annotate casefile documents via a browser-based PDF viewer.
- Share documents via in app messaging feature
- User has a personal storage, where they can create folders, store and manage their annotated case files.
- Court Box enables Bar users to tender exhibits via the DCF application pre- listing for review and admittance into the case exhibit folder.
Reduction of paper usage
- Case file information available at the click of a button
- Removal of logistics issue, solved via a browser-based application which can be access from any court room
- Secure access and sharing of casefile documents

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