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Case Studies
Digital Banking - Bac A Bank
Case Studies

Digital Banking - Bac A Bank


Seers Digital and BAC A BANK  signed a Consulting Agreement, Software Transfer Agreement, and Digital Banking Agreement.  BAC A BANK's Digital Banking platform integrates digital with suppliers to provide the first mobile access to banking services. In 18 months, Seers Digital developed 18 software modules for the Digital Banking project.

Solutions and Outcome

Seers Digital worked with Bac A Bank and TH Group to provide a new digital banking and fintech platform which comprised of a new SaaS Core Bank and digital experience platform for creating a new Mobile Wallet and

products within a fast go to market strategy .

As a result we delivered the bank a digital banking platform that:

1. Allows new customers to eKYC and on-board via a mobile banking app

2. Customer E-Wallet provide merchant services across number of merchants and affiliates in a network under Bac A and TH Group

3. Access existing customer information in legacy core bank system with a composable banking architecture to leverage existing services

4. Faster Loan Origination through digital first experience

5. Fast approach to on-board new customers and partners

6. Providing new financial products to customers served through digital bank

Improved customer experience 24 x 7 and faster and secure payment, improved customer outreach.

Digital transformation changes the way an organisation operates. Systems, processes, workflow, and culture are all part of this process.
This transformation affects each level of an organisation and brings together data across areas to work together more effectively.

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