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DevSecOps Explained

DevSecOps Explained

DevSecOps is an acronym that stands for development, security, and operations. 

In organisations that have adopted a DevOps framework, it is imperative to shift towards a DevSecOps mindset in order to increase security proficiency within all technology areas and across all abilities. Using DevSecOps frameworks that use DevSecOps tools is an effective way of ensuring security is built into applications rather than bolted on after the fact.

Continuous integration can be achieved by ensuring that security is present at every stage of the software development lifecycle, therefore reducing the cost of conformance and improving the speed of software delivery.

How does DevSecOps Work?

DevSecOps benefits include enhanced automation throughout the software delivery pipeline, which can prevent errors and minimise the possibility of attacks.

Using the right DevSecOps tools and processes, security can be seamlessly integrated into teams' DevOps frameworks.

Typical DevOps and DevSecOps workflows resemble the following:

  • Code is created by developers within a version control management system.
  • A developer updates the version control management system with the changes.
  • It is then necessary to create an environment using an infrastructure-as-code tool.
  • A test automation suite is then executed against the newly deployed application, including back-end, UI, integration, security tests and API.
  • If the application passes these tests, it is deployed to a production environment.
  • This new production environment is monitored continuously to identify any active security threats to the system.¬†

Automated testing and continuous integration, when implemented in a test-driven development environment, facilitate seamless and rapid progress toward the shared goal of improved compliance and code quality.

Why do we need DevSecOps?

In the last 10 years IT Infrastructure has gone through massive changes. In recent years, organisations looking to thrive and grow have gained enormous benefit by adopting cloud computing platforms, shared storage, and dynamic applications.

DevOps applications have advanced in speed, scale and functionality, but they lack robust security and compliance.

To address this, DevSecOps was introduced into the software development lifecycle to bring together software development, operations and security under one banner. Any organisation that develops or distributes applications must add security as an equal consideration to development and operations. Integrating DevSecOps with DevOps ensures that developers and network administrators keep security in mind while developing, deploying and maintaining applications.

You can rely on Seers Digital to assist you with complex technology problems. Our consulting expertise paired with our fast-paced, specialised application development and systems integration capabilities enable you to maximise impact on your customers and stakeholders - and all within a secure environment that meets the stringent security requirements of the government organisations.

Regardless of the multi-experience channel they choose to use to access their information from anywhere and on any device, Employees, Consumers and Citizens expect service providers and public sector organisations to provide assurance that their data is secure and their privacy is protected.

Together using a unique and sovereign cloud-hosted application development environment, Seers Digital, OutSystems and AUCloud offer to provide Federal, State and Local Government organisations with a highly secure domestic capability to drive, build, deliver and innovate so they can achieve their digital transformation outcomes.

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