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Case Studies
Department of Home Affairs (DHA)
Case Studies

Department of Home Affairs (DHA)


DHA required rapid development and deployment of web portals in response to COVID-19 and the need to support agents in hundreds of remote locations.


Seers provided Interface Designers and Software Developers using Angular, JAVA script and CSS for the development of SharePoint Apps and DHA IEP and OurData portals.


The IEP and OurData portals enabled employees throughout the world to access information, support and requests.

IEP is used across the world by DHA agents managing cases, providing dashboards with case information assigned to agents at remote locations. Reporting functions help manage a large remote workforce.OurData is a popular way for decision makers to discover and access data products. Enhancements positions it is as a key for decision makers to access useful information resulting in better decisions.

As part of their portfolio to renew a number of core IT system and adopting new cloud platforms Seers was engaged through Unisys to provide a number of new portal applications on ServiceNow running protected-level cloud environment for handling protected and unclassified level of information which is being leveraged across DHA for a number of internal processes. Some applications needed to be migrated off existing legacy technologies onto modern ServiceNow apps, whilst others have been replaced with other SaaS. Other applications is to improve where there are a number of process gaps within HR, Finance or Procurement departments.

Seers has provided ServiceNow technical consultants to assist with the on-going development of applications for this Federal agency.

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