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Case Studies
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Case Studies

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Overview & Client Needs

CBA Digital Payment Department had an existing Payment Proxy used for POS and Interbank Payments. It was operating on a Solaris operating system which is currently out of support from Oracle. It was decided to be upgraded onto a Redhat Linux environment to fulfill security compliance however upgrade path of updating binaries proved to be more difficult due to differences with the operating systems.

Subsequently this solution would not run consistently when tested and would stop processing payments requiring a reboot, deemed a risk by the CBA digital payments which currently was around 30,000 transactions per second for POS and interbank transactions.

Seers Digital was flexible to engage quickly to support CBA tight timeframes for a deadline to provide a root cause analysis with solutions to fixing the issue as their was an immediate need with CBA's compliance team.

Our Solution

Redhat and Seers Digital provided a review and recommendations.

Seers was engaged under a professional services agreement through Redhat to work under the CBA Payments team to review the current payments solution to debug the apps, review of infrastructure and coding standards to determine a workable solution and recommendations back to CBA in a report detailing recommendations and road-map to success.

Seers Digital upgrade CBA's National Payments System proxy into a sustainable solution using Mulesoft APIs.

Client Benefits & Outcome

Seers Digital provided support for 30,000 transactions per second from 200k POS and interbank transactions.

As a result of this solution, the client can:

Immediate fixes to improve the source code of the payments solution to leverage latest headers & libraries, support Redhat o/s kernel, limit memory range exceptions, reduce any overheads or performance issues.
Review of current solution and a suggested roadmap for replacing the current solution as it was legacy solution which had made it difficult to CBA to support, suggestions around moving towards modern integration solution leveraging MuleSoft integration platform to easily achieve this outcome
Timeline for new fixes and improvements for CBA to resolve the current payments proxy with approach to make changes, go into operation and then future changes with MuleSoft integration platform.

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