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Case Studies
Case Studies


Overview & Client Needs

Amcor required re-development of an existing legacy app being used by APAC staff for deals, mergers and acquisitions and procurement activities.The app needed to consider different accounting standards and manage complex foreign exchange calculations for the American and European teams.

Seers provided a ServiceNow application to replace multiple repositories in (legacy lotus notes, Access Database, Excel spreadsheet and Salesforce) into one centralised application which was currently being used in both (Australia and America) to expand globally across (Europe, Oceania, Asia and Americas) in support of 5BN USD of M&A deals, initiatives which are undertaken each year.

It was important that the system could track a deal throughout the stages as it needed to go through a number of gates before it could be accepted and required extensive amount of due diligence and audit so lots of complex financial data was required to be entered into the system.

Once a deal was nominated it would then go through an initiative which was a cost function from business about integrating this new acquisition with existing businesses. It required a number of financial data to be brought across from Salesforce, SAP and Hyperion.

Our Solution

Solution Design and Development using OutSystems.User Experience Design and Platform Readiness for a global deals app.

Client Benefits & Outcome

Seers Digital designed and developed a bespoke global deals app with improved customer experience for web and mobile users. The centralised app incorporates the following elements:Electronic Forms & Business Process AutomationIntegration with Salesforce, SAP and HyperionPower BI for complex reporting requirements including visual dashboards and chartsOutSystems, SQL Server and deployment at Azure.

A number of Board Reports were required which we had developed in Power BI, these included:

  • Synergy Benchmark Report
  • Quarterly Acquisition Report
  • Monthly Management Report
  • Business Group Consolidation Report
  • GEP
  • Initiatives by Month

In PowerBI we had to integrate a number of complexity security and FX currency rate conversion of data since it was highly sensitive information reported:

  • Complexity with reports required a complex security model which had to integrate with ServiceNow, and Azure AD so that it could be granularity in defining between business units, business owners, business groups, sites, and plant owners.

Calculation for currency exchange which was based on FX rates provided by SAP which needed a formula to define exchange rates for a number of different currencies.

Application dashboard, forms, data structure, workflows and batch-data uploader was built in ServiceNow to provide a complex financial structure around data and robust security requirements based on security matrix.

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