Legacy App Transformation

Replacing legacy applications is no longer a difficult or expensive task as we provide a low-code rapid app development solution to enable a fast outcome

Replacing a legacy application can help improve your organisations time to innovate & change, maintain their relevance in the market and reduce operational costs associated with aging infrastructure & technical debt:

  • Seers provides a digital factory approach for implementing a large scale development for a number of legacy app replacements
  • Modern apps and mobility solution to replace an aging application
  • Modern apps and mobility solution to replace an aging application
  • Replace an existing application with fresh UX/UI to improve usability, and adoption
  • Integration with legacy LOB or ERP application
  • DevOps to ensure improve operational efficiency and maintenance costs over time
Build Web Applications and Portals to replace your legacy apps.

Seers provides the flexibility and agility to deliver modern apps with great customer experience in a minimal investment of time.

  • Trusted advisory through tailored consultancy
  • Customer Experience with our UX/UI specialists
  • Combination of local and off-shore resources
  • Tailored managed services for on-going support and maintenance
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"Vast number of apps to be modernised for Web and Mobility to enable best customer experience"

SharePoint Managed Services for Federal Government Agency

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