NSW Government

(Controlled Document Management)

"Knowledge Portal governed by a number of forms and business processes to streamline regulatory content"

Robert Brown
NSW Government


Seers assisted a major transport agency in NSW Government to streamline processes that govern regulatory content without loss of performance, as part of NSW State Records Act legistation.

Client Needs

  • Multiple repositories across the organisation resulting in a poor user experience
  • Duplication of content and inconsistencies in governance processes
  • The existing Executive Management Framework is not reflective of the changing operating model
  • Lack of confidence amongst staff on current systems
  • There is risk of non-compliance – recent audits, reviews, inspections and assessment have identified a number of concerns.
  • Minimise time required to search for information by staff.
  • Ability for various business departments and associated business to share departmental knowledge.
  • A scalable structure to adapt with changing organisation.

Our Solution

  • Developed 60 forms and complex business processes
  • Bring together the Modelpedia Interface and the controlled documents for all users
  • Leverage Information Rights Management (IRM) to assist with the control of the documents
  • Managed, safe and secure collaborative spaces for the people in the governance process
  • Automatic management of published controlled documents • Assisted Management for copies of controlled documents
  • Leverage the Document Lifecycle to enhance the user experience and achieve quicker outcomes
  • Exceed compliance requirements where possible

Client Benefits & Outcome

  • Improve User Experience in location and accessing content – Single-source-of-truth
  • Reduce the compliance risk through improved governance of content
  • Increase productivity for staff who manage creation and management of knowledge
  • Shift to a process-driven organisation to create a more agile and flexible environment with no loss in regulatory performance

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