Banking Solutions

The move towards an increasingly cashless society, requires improved user experiences through cost and time saving, addressing key pain-points of traditional financial services.

Payments Using QR Codes

The Merchant provides the customer a QR code. The customer scans the QR code within the Digital Banking E-Wallet and accepts the payment. Once the customer has accepted it, the merchant app will display the completed payment.

  • Enables the customer to quickly & easily pay
  • Keep track of payments in one location
  • Manage and track all payments securely through e-wallet
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Integration to core bank and other third party services enables a rich user experience. From the E-wallet, you can link your external bank accounts using our secure system using secure OTP for convenient Top Ups.

  • Purchase eCommerce or Groceries
  • Open Bank & Savings Accounts
  • Transfer Funds to Other Banks
  • Virtual Card functions
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Merchant Services

We provide a convenient way for customers to make payments and convenience for merchants to get started through having a facility to accept payments.

  • Make payments securely and conveniently across a number of locations.
  • Automated system accessed via Web or Mobile.
  • Merchants can view all transactions including payments cleared and payments generated
  • Easily transfer funds between E-Wallet and external bank accounts
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Online E-Commerce

An e-commerce store provides a faster route to purchase including the ability to sell products through other digital channels.

  • Manage Inventory  
  • Process Orders
  • Customer workflow rules and integrations
  • Order Management System for order payments
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Loyalty Programs

Rewarding customers for their loyalty to the products and growing sales revenue through repeat purchase.

  • Provide targeted offers from loyalty program partners.
  • Offers can be targeted based on location, spend and other behaviours.
  • Customers can generate points redeemable on special offers
  • Vouchers can be used in store using a generated QR code which the EPOS terminal can recognise and accept the offer provided
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Loan Origination

Offering real time loans to customers direct from the app. Online loan applications and the ability to receive notifications without going to a Bank Branch.

  • Customers can apply for loans with ease.
  • Notifications upon loan status changes
  • Provide customers with details about their current outstanding loans so they are in control of their expenses.
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